AUTOMECANICA SCM is the oldest service provider from Bucharest in auto service field; before 1989 it was the sole entity authorized to provide warranties for the whole range of import automobiles.
   Presently, AUTOMECANICA SCM is functioning as a private society with an own statute according to Law no. 1/2005 (the Law regarding the functioning of Romanian co-operatives) and is a founding member of UCECOM.
   The company's activity is undertaken in the Bucharest area, in 12 units (working points), with 180 employees. All our units have authorization to function from the Romanian Automobile Register and in 4 of them there are lines for Periodical Technical Inspection (PTI). 
   In the largest units that provide the full range of automotive services, we have set up collaboration conventions with the big insurance companies in Romania - in accordance with the   LIST OF COLLABORATORS.

   To assure the best conditions for these collaborations, we are sourcing with parts from the main suppliers of automobile parts and subsystems in Romania that are also approved by the insurance companies - according with the  LIST OF COLLABORATORS.             

   In the following pages you can find the locations of our units and their specific activities.

   We kindly ask you to call upon the professionalism of our workers and you won't regret it.

   Our activity is undertaken under the strict regulations of  ISO 9001 certification.

   President Eng. Cristian Manolescu


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